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Welcome to the IAEA wiki on nuclear knowledge management. This is an initial attempt to formulate in structured manner knowledge on knowledge management which is relevant for nuclear domain.

The wiki is not a consolidation of all resources on knowledge management, as there are other institutions which have described basic concepts much better than the IAEA but it is meant to help sharing concepts, methodology, and experience in specific knowledge management applications, critical for nuclear organizations. The wiki is not a replacement of the global Wikipedia, as it is dedicated only to nuclear knowledge management, description of which is very poor in Wikipedia.

Jointly we can create, review, confirm and share our knowledge and experience, as well as references to make sure that we are equipped for managing nuclear knowledge in our every-day work.

The content of the wiki is an opinion of the expert community and does not represent the official position of the IAEA, unless explicitly mentioned or referenced from a relevant IAEA publication. For editing instructions, please, see the recommended format for editing articles. For joining the IAEA NKM Wiki community and provide inputs, comments, suggestions and feedback - please contact us under

The content of the wiki is structured as follows:

Basic Concepts: The category describes and refers to the main definitions, concepts, models on knowledge and management which are common in KM practice and which are important to understand which methods and tools to apply for which kind of knowledge. The category is crosscutting and fundamental for other categoriesManagement: This category includes aspects of management in an organization which are relevant for successful knowledge management. The Category does not pretend to be exclusive and complete in describing management as a discipline on its ownOrganization: The category describes different types of organizations involved in nuclear domain, as well as organizational settings and concepts which are critical for implementing knowledge management practices successfully, e.g. organizational culturePeople: The category focuses on concepts which are relevant or can be attributed to individuals, like skills, experience, roles, education, etcKM Techniques: The category contains descriptions of methods, approaches and tools which are applied in practice to support knowledge management. It contains the overall KM methodologies for addressing different types of knowledge, as well as IT-tools which support KMSelect on of the category: Basic concepts, Management, Organization, People, Knowledge Management Techniques

NKM wiki is a living content development media for nuclear knowledge management expert community. Access to the NKM wiki is provided as a public service by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Presented materials and opinions are not official IAEA publications and do not necessarily reflect the views of the IAEA or the governments of IAEA Member States and as such is not an official record. The material contained herein has not undergone IAEA an official review by the IAEA and may not be quoted or listed as a reference. The NKM wiki includes hyperlinks to external sites which are maintained or controlled by others, therefore, do not imply any official endorsement of or responsibility for the information at these locations.

Getting started with MediaWiki

Here one can find also a little aid for editing the Wiki: Media:Little_Cheatsheet.png