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===Relation to KM===
===Relation to KM===
''Explain why the term competency is relevant for KM''
''Explain why the term competency is relevant for KM''
===[[Competency management]]===
===Development of competency===
===Development of competency===

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Competency is Generic task or a function. The ability to put skills, knowledge and attitudes into practice in order to perform activities or a job in an effective and efficient manner within an occupation or job position to identified standards.



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Competency can be defined as groups of related knowledge, skills and attitudes (KSAs) needed by a person to perform a particular job [1]. It is thus the part of an individual's KSAs which can be observed and evaluated. The concept represents a HRM based view on managing knowledge embedded in individuals and is closely related to qualification of individuals.

The concept of competency is often mixed with the related job-task [1]. Competencies are the mental, physical and behavioral tools with which an activity or a task is executed. When describing competencies a difference should be made between describing the required task and the competencies which allow a person to perform the task to a standard. These competencies may include knowledge and skills which are not directly connected to the specific task. For example to perform a maintenance task a person usually needs to understand the safety relevance of the task.

Relation to KM

Explain why the term competency is relevant for KM

Competency management

Development of competency


On-job training


Evaluation of competency



Competency model

Competency map


[1] Training the staff of the regulatory body for nuclear facilities: A competency framework, IAEA-TECDOC-1254, 2001, http://www.iaea.org/ns/tutorials/regcontrol/refs/20trainingstaff.pdf

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