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The process of exchanging knowledge between individuals or organizations.


Knowledge sharing within the organization is mainly the question of sharing principle within the culture of the organization. The following elements of the culture must be taken in account:

  • handling of professional jealousy of the experts;
  • motivation — de-motivation of individuals;
  • handling of the conflicts of interests between organization elements.
    • The knowledge sharing possibilities are unique for the nuclear industry as compared to other competitive industries. By application of the knowledge sharing principle, the organizations are able to:
  • Review best practices of others and adopt improvements based on benchmarking;
  • Review of industry guidance, including operating experience and meet with peers from other companies at workshops and conferences;
  • The sharing principle has also allowed experts from many companies to organize and meet regularly to refine and analyse approaches, develop and test performance measures and share the knowledge of best or good practices.
    • Knowledge sharing deals with the levels of access of knowledge. Key aspects are:
  • The methodical approaches;
  • The potential of support from IT tools.

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