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A special web page that organizes access to all of the online resources relating to a topic, similar to providing a ‘one-stop shop’.


A Process map is graphical documentation of one or several processes created using process mapping. It provides an organisation with a possibility to improve its understanding of its operations.


Structure of process map

Process map is a graphical representation of the output of process mapping, and documents one or several processes of an organization. It contains information about

  • inputs and outputs of the process in question
  • requirements of the process
  • sequence of steps of sub-processes
  • interaction between other processes
  • definition of a successful completion of the process

Process map may be depicted, for example, in a form of a flow chart, see Fig 1.

Benefits of process map

Clear documentation of processes provides an organisation with a better understanding of its own functions and operations and improves management system.

Creating a process map

Fig 1. Example of a process map

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