Multimedia tools

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tools using a combination of multimedia technologies or content forms such as text, audio, picture, video or animation.


Nowadays, multimedia technologies are widely used with the development of computer science. Multimedia can be a good form to codify or to preserve knowledge. Thus, multimedia tools are necessary to knowledge management. The word "multimedia" is composed of "multi" and "media", which refers to content that uses a combination of different forms. These forms can be text, still images, audios, videos or animations. Sometimes they are not just gathered together, but well-integrated by means of computer technologies so as to provide vivid interactions with people. Multimedia tools have changed computer's role especially in the field of engineering, education, entertainment and publishing. Moreover, they are changing the lives and the way to learn.

Multimedia tools are useful to knowledge management for codification and preservation. Without those tools, knowledge can only be documented in text. However, implicit knowledge and tacit knowledge such as actions, operations or behaviors can't be easily codified into text. On the contrary, pictures, audios or videos can illustrate implicit knowledge or tacit knowledge much better. People can see, hear, feel what they would like to know by their direct sense.