Human resource development

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A formal training programme development and delivery, typically with specific quality and performance objectives.


Utilizing explicit and tacit knowledge is an essential ingredient for a nuclear R&D organization, but employing staff with the correct level of competence is likely to be a more important success factor. Laboratory managers, subject matter experts(SME's) and senior laboratory technicians for example, may have lots of knowledge but is it the right knowledge? In addition, do they have the correct attitudes and skills? Maintaining and developing staff competence is a very important aspect in any nuclear R&D organization. There are some useful tools and techniques that can be utilized to maintain and develop competence. The most important of these are given in the list below and these augment the various types of standard education and training which is the typical route to maintain and develop competence:

  1. Applicable organizational functions:
    • All types of R&D organization.
  2. Related KM tools/techniques to consider:

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