Educational network

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A network of institutions involved in education


Educational networks consist of multiple stakeholders, ranging from academia to industry and governments.

Networks can be formed at different levels; local, national and international.

Educational networks address a range of issues and have a range of benefits, which can be classified in the following areas:

  • Cooperation between Academy, Government and Industry
  • Material development and sharing, Use of technology
  • Outreach (Material, activities, best practices)
  • Quality and Accreditation
  • Sustainability
  • National / International Collaboration, Role of Government
  • HRD / Developing Teachers, Staff / Developing Students / Training
  • Curricula (development of guidelines)
  • Benchmarking and mutual recognition (mechanisms on national, regional and inter-regional level)
  • Sharing resources (e.g. facilities, resources faculty)
  • Mapping the networks and resources ()

Notable educational networks

The networks established by the IAEA:

Other important networks: