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  • Source document: National approaches and strategies for Nuclear Knowledge Management
  • Topic: Strategy
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Policy Statement: The policy statement should be a concise statement of ‘what’ the policy is intended to accomplish. It should only be a one or two sentence description of general organization intent with respect to the specific topic of the policy.

Purpose: The rationale or purpose statement expresses ‘why’ the policy is being written. The rationale or purpose may also contain materials or more explanatory details regarding legal, regulatory, or other factors that led to the development of the policy.

Scope/application: The scope of the policy can set important parameters such as to whom will the policy apply (staff, stakeholders, etc) and to what (electronic records, information and computer assets, etc.)

Procedures: The procedures details ‘how’ the policy statement will be attained. It may include information on how to report, describes enforcement provisions or methods for appeal

Responsibilities:The procedures may contain details about who is responsible for what; for enforcement, for interpretations in the event of the need for clarification or when there is a dispute

Definition: Policies should attempt to convey message in simple yet precise terms, however sometimes some specific terms need to provide clear meaning

References/links: It is possible that there are other policies or organizational documents that complement, supplement, or help explain the provisions contained within the current policy

Inquiries/Contact person: Specify who (person in the organization) can be contacted if there are questions about interpreting and applying this policy

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